This site does not take upon itself the task of trying to teach anybody anything about typography, but rather it would like to reflect the essence of typography by publishing facts about typographers, designers and their work.

Since 1984 the computer has somewhat revolutionized the way printed matter is manufactured with the sad result that many good typographers have gone out of trade. This is but history repeating itself... back at the turn of the century (yes, we know there's a new turn up ahead...) the same industry was "revolutionized" by the Linotype and the Monotype type-setting machines. No matter if you're replacing the composing stick with a type-setting machine, replacing that with a photosetter or booting up a computer assisted publishing system... the new machine won't do any typographing for you... the craftman is still very much needed for that.

Say hello to a few of those craftsmen...

Beatrice Warde

Ruari McLean

Eric Gill

Barney Bubbles

Terry Jones

Paul Rand

Trickett & Webb