Ruari McLean is well known in the world of books. He succeeded Sir Francis Meynell as Typographic Adviser to the Stationery Office (1966-80) and is himself a freelance typographer and the author of numerous publications, including Modern Book Design (1958), Magazine Design (1969) and Victorian Book Design (2nd edition 1972). In 1980 he wrote The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography which is one of the best books written in the subject in later years and from which this quote is taken:

"Working with clients ...If you want to keep a client -- and all designers have occasional experiences of clients they don't want to keep -- do not argue with him, and, above all, do not prove that he is wrong. If you see clearly that he is wrong, try to arrange things so that he makes the discovery himself, even if it costs him money to learn what you have been trying to tell him. If you want to keep him as a client, let him learn for himself who was right and who was wrong, and never say 'I told you so!'...Never fight a major battle over a minor issue..."

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